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Powered & Prepared

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Free emergency planning and resources
for people with disabilities in Marin.

A Helpful Partner for an Unpredictable World

Powered & Prepared is a dedicated program from Marin Center for Independent Living to ensure the readiness and safety of older adults and people with disabilities in the event of emergencies. Supporting a coalition of community service providers and dedicated to equity and inclusion, we work to empower Marin's Access and Functional Needs (AFN) community when the need is greatest.

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60% of people with disabilities are not fully prepared for an emergency

53% rely on medical equipment that requires electricity

25% need access to reliable transportation in the event of a disaster

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Ready for Emergency Season

The access and mobility needs faced by many in our community take on extra urgency when an emergency arises. For Northern Californians, that can mean a fast-moving wildfire or a scheduled PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). Through outreach we educate and connect people regardless of physical abilities or income levels, providing strategic readiness planning and resources — from emergency housing and transportation, to portable batteries and preparedness kits.

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  • Emergency Planning Best Practices A proven framework specially designed for Marin's AFN community, including Personal Preparedness Plans tailored to individual needs.
  • PG&E Medical Baseline Program Promoting awareness and enrollment in PG&E's program for people who depend on power for medical and independent living needs.
  • Disaster Kits and Backup Batteries Supplying personal preparedness items to eligible parties, including portable backup batteries.
  • Community Connection Contact information and access to Powered & Prepared, along with partner organizations providing additional preparedness resources.

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Whether you're an individual living with access and functional needs, a caregiver or family member, or a Marin community service provider, getting Powered & Prepared can make lifesaving difference.

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