Powered & Prepared

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Free emergency planning and resources
for people with disabilities in Marin.

Team Up & Make a Lifesaving Difference

Powered & Prepared is a dedicated program by Marin Center for Independent Living uniting a coalition of community service providers to ensure the readiness and safety of older adults and people with disabilities in the event of emergencies. Using inclusive outreach, strategic planning, and responsive resources, we help our partners meet the unique needs of people with Access and Functional Needs (AFN) in Marin.

Powered & Prepared Partners receive:

  • Staff training to help your clients create Personal Preparedness Plans and access P&P resources
  • Promotional materials to raise awareness of the program
  • Marin CIL expertise to help build your ongoing support for the local AFN community, including a dedicated Marin CIL staff partner

Powered & Prepared Partners agree to:

  • Participate in two staff trainings provided by Marin CIL
  • Promote community resources
  • Identify and support at least 25 community members to apply for Medical Baseline Program and other resources
  • Provide one narrative of a community member who benefitted from Marin CIL's Powered & Prepared Initiative

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