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See below what we have coming up! Most events are offered free of charge, but we gladly accept donations to Marin CIL to help us expand our ability to meet the needs in the community.


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Ross Ready Disaster Preparedness Planning Virtual Event

June 2, 2022
4:30pm - 5:30pm

JOIN your neighbors to learn how YOU can create a personal preparedness plan and access resources in advance of a local disaster!

This is will be a free virtual and an accessible event and open to all. Captioning and will be provided. If additional accommodations are needed, please indicate it on your registration form.

Register today here. 


Powered & Prepared is a dedicated program from Marin Center for Independent Living to ensure the readiness and safety of older adults and people with disabilities in the event of emergencies.

Our personal preparedness plan materials are now online! You can begin your own preparedness plan by accessing the instruction booklet and workbook today. If you'd like free printed versions mailed to your home, please contact Maurice Pollard, Information & Assistance or call 415-459-6245 x10.

For community members who rely on powered medical devices, such as oxygen regulators, mobile scooters, or CPAP machines and who may need assistance purchasing critical or emergency supplies, gift cards and durable portable batteries are available to those that qualify. Please follow the link below to submit your application today. 

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