Community Events

See below what we have coming up! Most events are offered free of charge, but we gladly accept donations to Marin CIL to help us expand our ability to meet the needs in the community.


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1 Day of Mourning: For Disabled Victims of Filicide 2 Become A Home Care Aide 3 4 TED x Sonoma County: This is Us
5 6 California SCDD Statewide Training: Self-Determination Program (SDP) 7 Narcan Training Become a Home Care Aide Sharing Judy's Memory on the Disability Matters Radio Show 8 TIGER TALKS: Disability Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration LGBTQ+ Thrive with Pride Webinar Series Memorial Service Honoring the Life of Judy Heumann 9 Justice Before Charity: MOC Living Wage Action Become A Home Care Aide Caregiver Support Group 10 11
12 13 Ableism 101 Series Part 1 - What is Ableism? What is Disability? 14 Become a Home Care Aide 15 SuperFest: Disability Film Festival Event Accessibility - Live Training Event 16 'Dignidad' Virtual Screening Caregiver Support Group Dishing with Debbie Facebook Series 17 18
19 Application Deadline: The Oaklash Disability Fund 20 Society of Disabled Oracles Zoom Launch Party Ableism 101 Series Part 2 - (Brief) History of Disability Activism & Disability Rights 21 Organizing for Disability and Trans Justice 22 23 Caregiver Support Group Dishing with Debbie Facebook Series Disability Rights: The Struggle for Access, Inclusion, and Equity 24 25 Teens Can Narcan
26 Statewide Session on the Politics of the California Economy 2023 Marin Teen Girl Conference 27 Ableism 101 Series Part 3 - Creating Access & Universal Design 28 29 Social Media Accessibility - Live Training Event Webinar: Mental Health & the Disabled Working Woman 30 Caregiver Support Group Dishing with Debbie Facebook Series 31 Trans Day of Visibility Open Mic

TED x Sonoma County: This is Us

March 4, 2023
1:00pm - 4:30pm

Join TED for the 11th annual TEDxSonomaCounty on Saturday, March 4, 2023 to experience THIS IS US. 

Get Inspired, Motivated, Educated & Connected. Have you wondereed about who you are in a world that seems more divided, more diverse and more fragmented than ever? Have you thought about connection and community in this post pandemic, work from home environment? If so, this year's TEDx, themed 'This Is Us' might be just right for you!

Join TEDxSonomaCounty and enjoy a collection of thought-provoking speakers who challenge our assumptions, make us laugh and make us think. You will be among an emerging community in Sonoma seeking new people and new ideas, ever excited by the opportunity to learn together as our notion of "us" continues to expand.

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Speaker Spotlight"

Native Hands, Native Lands

Melissa Nelson - The Cultural Conservancy

Fostering Differences On Common Ground

Larkin O'Leary - Common Ground Society

The Amazing Power of Awe

Jonah Paquette - Autho, Psy. D