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An Overview of Caregiving Services in Marin County

March 27, 2024
10:00am - 11:15am

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What do you do when it is time to find caregiving support in the home or for a loved one whether it is for the short term after surgery or for the longer term when the individual or family needs extra support or full-time care in the home?

There are different options based on whether a person qualifies for the California program of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or whether one wants to hire through a private agency or directly with an independent caregiver.

Bring your questions and learn about:

· The agencies and the caregiving services they provide.

· The characteristics of the people they serve and any necessary qualifications to receive their services.

· Information on the Caregivers' qualifications, training and levels of expertise.

· Strategies employed and support provided that ensure a successful relationship between the client and the person providing the care.

· The easiest and most efficient way to find out about services, get the correct information and connect with the right person.

Age-Friendly Marin Hosts: Jody Timms and Diana Lopez

Speakers: Mary Botelle, Registry Manager, Marin CIL (Center for Independent Living)

Aurora Tovar, Support Services Coordinator, In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority (IHSS PA), County of Marin

Peter Rubens, Owner, At Home Caregivers

Register here!An Overview of Caregiving Services in Marin County