Community Events

See below what we have coming up! Most events are offered free of charge, but we gladly accept donations to Marin CIL to help us expand our ability to meet the needs in the community.

Save the Date: Cafe Crip on the Ongoing Pandemic

March 1, 2024
12:00pm - 1:00pm

NOTE: The date for February's Cafe Crip has been pushed back to March 1st. 

Join us for a chance to connect and learn with others while we chat about important and personal topics related to disability with our host Bianca Laureano. You can just listen or participate, all are welcome. 

Topic: The Ongoing Pandemic...

As the world continues to move forward as if the pandemic is done and behind us, this session will allow reflection and sharing about how disability community is navigating COVID and physical isolation today. 

Readings: To come.

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