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Our Staff

Everybody on our staff is ready to assist you with your needs and concerns. Contact the main desk and we'll be happy to direct your call to the right person. We can be reached at (415) 459-6245 from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

We also can be contacted, via email,
from the "Contact Us" page.


Aging and Disability Resource Connection

Julia Hales, ADRC Service Coordinator,
Maurice Pollard, Information & Assistance Navigator,

Assistive Technology

Tonique McNair, Assistive Technology Advocate,

Caregiver Registry

Mary Botelle, Registry Manager,
Debra Howell, Registry Coordinator,

Independent Living Advocacy

Renee Pollard, Independent Living Advocate,
Kelly Tyler, Independent Living Advocate,

Community Care Navigation

Anna Khachatryan, Community Care Navigator,

Systems Change Advocacy

Peter Mendoza, Director of Advocacy and Special Projects,

Fund Development

Kathleen Woodcock, Director of Community Resources,

Administration & Operations

Susan Malardino, Deputy Director,
Eli Gelardin, Executive Director,

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Bill Campagna

Richard Cairns


Corey Modersohn
Vice President

Linda Lippstreu


Erin McAuliff
Steve Sanchez
Jack Schmitz
Dawn Weathersby


MCIL Auxiliary Board


Dawn Brouillette
Yleanna Brown
Robin Carr
Niki Perotti Couch
Maya Cresalia
Rosie Feeney
Judy Georgiou
Kristi Heikkinen
Patti Hickle
Thena Holmen
Libbi Keating
Linda Kerslake
Linda Lippstreu
Deborah McDaniels
Shannon Meadows Norby
Tracey Raymond
Ann Roggenbuck
Saskia Russell
Janice Schneider
Hetti Schramm
Wendy Tonkin
Kim Tyning
Dawn Weathersby
Isobel Wiener
Cherie Visconti